The Tennessee Pre-K Debate: Spinach Vs. Easter Grass : NPR Ed : NPR

What is it about education that makes people believe they can apply simplistic ‘band aids’ to solve problems?  Sometimes,  it’s even the wrong things being identified as the problems, so the band aid gets stuck in the wrong place.

In recent years politicians in many countries,  but particularly the US have wrung their hands over the lack of competitiveness of their education system.  Their responses are usually to believe that if they throw large sums of money and will power at simplistic answers they can solve the issues.

If our children don’t know enough to compete with children in other countries …….. start them learning earlier!  Genius!

Except,  it isn’t.  Because children are not widgets in a factory production line.  They are small people with developing minds.  Please read the article above to know what happened in one US state when lots of children got access to pre-school learning.  It’s not easy to unravel the data,  but my suspicion is that lots of these children got jaded early by having too much school type learning pushed at them at an age when they weren’t mentally ready for it. So,  putting it simply by the time they reached class 3 they had had enough.  They were bored and saw no joy in learning.

Incidentally,  children in some of the most successful education systems in the world start formal schooling later,  not earlier. So,  go figure!

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