Internet Safety

Do you know how many different apps or websites for which you have a password?

No, nor me – but it’s a lot.

It’s a strange thing that most people have heard at least some horror stories of how another person’s privacy, finances or even their very identity online has been abused or invaded by wrongdoers. There’s no question that the anonymity and secrecy of the internet attracts a lot of people with very bad motives. Also, when they commit their crimes knowing that the victim(s) are people they will never look in the eye – there’s all the scope for a lot of bad to happen.

And yet, most people are incredibly cavalier about their security and safety in this potentially risky environment. Maybe even worse, whilst they act anxiously about their children’s safety in the ‘real world’ they pay little heed to where their children are or what they’re doing in the virtual world.

This is an interesting article that takes an in depth exploration of what cyber experts do different to lay people when it comes to protecting and defending themselves online.

I’m pretty certain that everyone reading this will take away some valuable advice that they can apply to be safer online. Also, we all need to ensure that we’re applying these for our children, and teaching them the reasons so that they practice safe internet use as they get older;

Guardian – 7 Things Security Experts Do To Keep Safe Online


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