Raising Boys

In these days of political correctness, some suggest it’s heresy to talk as if there is any difference between boys and girls – that ‘equality’ means ‘the same’. However, we know that right from the moment of birth (many would say even earlier than that) parents and caregivers treat boys and girls differently, communicate with them differently and respond to their needs differently.

The result is that boys and girls grow up with very different expectations about how they should be, what’s expected of them and how to expect the world to respond to them. However, then, these early planted perceptions come up against a changing world.

As someone who works and strives to fulfil both parent roles for my son and an educator, I know I don’t always get it right. I make mistakes and I have days when I have to strive to do better. So, I was particularly pleased when I came across this very thoughtfully written article in which the author, Tabitha Studer, has set out 25 rules for mothers of boys;

Gimundo – 25 Rules for Mothers of Boys

I’m not going to say I agree perfectly with all 25, but they’re a good read. At the end, i was left concluding that more application of these rules wouldn’t only be good for the boys (growing in to men) concerned, but for society as a whole.


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  1. u said it!! I was nodding to every single thing in this article.And hoping that one is able to mark a check box on at least half of those items by the time he is 16 or so.

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