Brain Science in the Classroom

I wrote a few days ago about the application of up to date brain science in the classroom to enable more effective learning, sharing an ASCD webinar on the topic.

On a similar note, I came across this piece from the US PBS network that shares an example of a teacher taking these techniques in to the classroom to work with her pupils.

In this short video we see the teacher working with the pupils in her classroom. As much as anything, i love the energy levels, the clear evidence of children engaged. Even the zany wig is evidence that this teacher is ready to go to any lengths to engage the children. One of the other features of her actions that struck me was that her movements and words provide the children with clear signposts of what’s happening, what’s coming next and what they’re expected to do.

I hope sharing this inspires more teachers to have the courage to go in the classroom and experiment:

PBS – Teachers Tap in to Brain Science


One Response

  1. No one directing the edcation in right direction. The basic reason is avoided. Read my two brains story to get basic reason. or on

    There is basic reason why we are as we are, why we remain and will be as we are, until we change out thinking and thus until we teach our students to think and grow rather than take it and vomit it.

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