ASCD – Brain Research Webinar

An interesting ASXD webinar held recently that explores some of the newest understanding from brain research and its implications for classroom learning:

ASCD Webinar – Brain Research

One thing that surprised me was that an awful lot of what’s contained in the webinar is not really ‘new’, as i recall it from Colin Rose’s brilliant book “Accelerated Learning”, which i believe is currently out of print (first published in 1985).

I think it was quite right that early in the presentation the presenters share evidence from research they have done with course participants/ teachers who suggest that they feel well prepared when it comes to curriculum, but least prepared when it comes to how learning works. This is, yet again, the overhang of the fixation on ‘stuff’ at the expense of the learner.

When we truly put the learner at the centre of all that we do in education, then we become infinitely interested and motivated to know all we possibly can about child psychology, the learning mind and the learning process. This, in turn, will connect the educator to more and more ways of effectively supporting high quality learning for more of their pupils.


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