The Importance of ‘Involved Fathers’

When you decide to come out and advocate for fathers having a more active role in child-rearing, you do have to be careful that you don’t get some angry reactions. I’ve known plenty of fathers who got themselves torn between the fact that they wanted to be more active in their child’s life, conflicting and confusing messages from their own parents and even sometimes the spouse and then the challenge of workplace obligations.

I’ve certainly seen instances where mothers have suggested in no uncertain terms that their husband should ‘stick to his job’, as they want to keep the parenting simple with one set of messages and rules for the child (theirs!).

Perhaps research like that highlighted in this article will start to bring some changes, as it highlights the benefits to both the father and the child:

Huffington Post UK Article – Involved Fathers Global Study

Reading this, I was reminded of an article I wrote around 6 years ago for the magazine of my earlier school, which was reproduced here in the blog:

Dads Matter Too


One Response

  1. I opine, active involvement of fathers in rearing their children gives a positive result, provided they monitor the activities of their children. Generally, fathers are very busy with their appointments and they have very less time to look for the grooming of their children. If the wife is a home-maker, grooming the children is entirely left to her. Sometimes, children obey her and sometimes, not.

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