What Really Causes Addiction?

This is a fascinating story that has got me really thinking about all the implications. It has enormous ramifications at the level of governments and nations, towns and cities, families, but also in terms of how people can be helped to avoid addictions in the first place, thereby having the potential to live far more meaningful and high quality lives. It has implications for how architects design buildings, how planners develop neighbourhoods and cities and

Huffington Post – The Real Cause of Addiction

I think it even has implications for those of us working in education. if it proves to be correct, then we will need to begin to ask ourselves questions about how we can bring children up to be more ‘connected’, to feel more of a tie with their fellow pupils and to deal sensitively with isolation that afflicts some pupils. Such isolation isn’t always obvious – there are always those people who may appear on the surface to be gregarious, social beings, but who really are insular and cut off from others at all but the most superficial levels. If true, then in education we’re going to have to give far more importance to emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, development of empathy and emphasise bonding over competition.

This is really fascinating – so much so that I’m a little mystified that these findings haven’t been making more waves.


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