The Maggi Scandal

As I write, today, I don’t have any idea whether Maggi noodles contain bad and dangerous ingredients. I also have no idea whether or not the product they sell in India is different to what they’re selling elsewhere. However, what I can see clearly is that the whole saga has come about because there’s an underlying mistrust and disquiet when it comes to MNCs and how they behave in India.

Of course, the cynic in me would also wish to point out that these cases most often bubble up whenever there’s a nationalist government. Within their party they carry a rump of ‘fortress India’ zealots who will sniff around for any opportunity to get anti-foreigner. Just think, if UKIP had been elected in the UK, then my home country would have been doing similar things right now in relation to foreign products.

However, I believe there’s more than enough reason in this case to doubt the moral integrity of MNCs operating in India, and have done so for a long time. I recalled this article that I wrote for this blog back in 2009. I wish i could say things are better than they were then, but my suspicion is nothing’s really changed. That’s not to say Indian companies don’t cut corners, make bad and harmful products, exploit consumers or behave in underhand ways. However, I believe that when MNCs practice different standards in different countries people will always have every right to call them on it:

My 2009 Article – Embarrassment of Being a Foreigner in India


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