Impact of Pesticides

We all know that pesticides are harmful. This article is interesting because whilst it may focus on the impact of pesticides on sperm count, what it really brings home more than anything else is which of our vegetables and fruits have absorbed and retained the highest levels of pesticides.

Washington Post Article – Pesticides

Whilst we need to be careful about extrapolating too much from such data, I believe it certainly offers some cautionary notes that we can take account of in our own diets, and especially in the diets of our children. There’s no question – it’s a challenge. Most people want to believe that automatically, by erring towards diets which are heavily skewed to vegetables and fruit we are living a healthier life and providing a healthier start in life for our children.

However, what the ‘Dirty Dozen’ and ‘Clean Fifteen’ here indicate are that we need to be more discerning about which fruits and vegetables form the staples of our diet because of their levels of pesticide concentration. Separately, I’ve particularly read articles that suggested dangerous correlations between pesticide exposure and children’s brain development.

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