No Man (or Woman) is an Island

If we are to be effective in our work, ultimately, it won’t be dependent on ho w much we know about our field, how amazing our individual skills are, or how hard we’re willing to work. None of these will be worth very much if we’re not honing our skills for effectively working with others.

This is a useful, quite well written short article that sets out seven of the key areas that we can all work to get better at (you can never be too good) to make us more effective alongside others in the workplace;

Blanchard Leader Chat Article – 7 Things To Do

While reading through the article i was struck by two things – the first and obvious one was about how i can set some goals to get better at some of these. Maybe the deeper issue – how many of these do we really enable children in school to acquire or even to understand their significance in their lives?

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