Talking About It – To Doing It

Here’s a great article that talks of the frustrations felt by an educator who couldn’t reconcile the fact that we now have learned so much more about how children learn, how the mind works and what is effective in education, yet little or nothing has really changed in the classroom.

So, he figured he’d bring about some real changes within his sphere of influence. Here. the results of what he did are shared. However, note the cautionary tone at the end about the excuses put up by other teachers, even when they saw his new methods working.

The article also includes a nice reading list at the end of materials that the teacher shared and discussed with the teachers. I am convinced that especially in Middle and Senior Schools we need to spend much more time helping students to gain insights in to how their minds work, how they learn and how to harness these for effective learning.

Mindshift Article – De-Programming Kids From How to ‘Do School’

Dignity for the Homeless – Good News Network

I loved this story.  What a great way to start the day.

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