Schools That Acknowledge ‘It’s About Kids, Not Stuff’

We all need the Educhair 5000X. Or, maybe we don’t ………………………….

I hope you enjoyed that – tongue in cheek, but sadly a bit too close to reality for comfort?

This amusing short video is part of a much bigger set of resources related to the Ashoka Foundation’s Start Empathy’ programme, and particularly videos that highlight a year in the life of Mission Hill School, USA.

The link below doesn’t just give access to the 10 videos for the 10 chapters of the ‘Year at Mission Hill’ documentary series, but as you go to each chapter you get a whole load of additional links for videos and reading resources. I loved these videos, the openness and transparency of the school and the educators, the evidence of the effort they put in to living the mission of the school, effective collaboration and clearly putting the children first. This plainly isn’t a ‘rich’ school in terms of premises or assets. They clearly face many challenges, take students from very diverse backgrounds. However, what shines out from all the videos is the sensitivity, humanity and focus on recognising the individuality in each of the children and working to enable each to fulfil their potential.

These really are worth the time, but I give fair warning, you may spend quite some time getting in to these materials. Enjoy!

A Year in the Life of Mission Hill School
(Click on the link above. Then, click on each Chapter down the right side of the page to access the video and list of other related resources)


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  1. Great article and a great resource. Thanks Mark.

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