I’ve written a few times before about the work of Professor Carol Dweck of Stanford University on Mindset. However, as time goes on and I come across more of the evidence, i become even more convinced that Dweck’s research conclusions are not only right, but have far-reaching implications we are yet to fully explore in education.

I was really happy to come across this great article and wanted to share it. Not only does it have a great summary of the ideas behind Mindset, but also this superb visual representation with a great infographic:

Taschen book: mindsets

News – Mic Article on Mindset

In the simplest terms, my awareness of Dweck’s work has made me very alive to how and when I use praise and the uses of praise that I hear around me. The evidence appears solid enough as to make it clear that educators (and parents) have to focus on praising effort, grit and determination (including praising failure when appropriate) and certainly avoid praising intelligence as though it was an innate attribute of the child. If we can even bring that improvement, other benefits of this research can follow.


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  1. Thank you for sharing such an insightful learning . I have learnt and grown more from the criticisms I embraced than with just an appreciation . Appreciation helped me to keep my confidence renewed but criticism and failure taught be how to strive with patience and effort . Which no lessons in any book could have taught me better!

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