Will Youngsters Wait for Education Reform

A wonderful story about how a 15 year old girl juggles high school and making $500,000 a year running her own business!!

Mashable – Story

(Click on the link above to read the story)

What a balanced and sensible approach this girl has, meaning that she doesn’t believe that somehow different aspects of her life need to follow a neatly sequenced timeline. She recognises that there is value in completing high school and ‘doing the school thing’, but doesn’t feel the need to wait to make a contribution in the world (or to have success). As I come across more and more cases like this it just reinforces to me that we have to face hard questions about the relevance (or lack of it) in much of what goes on in schools today.


One Response

  1. Schools have become more like cookie cutters focused on molding students into perfect models for the future … which no one has seen… Are we empowering students with skill sets which would further help them apply the knowledge they attain in the real world…. enhance their experiences which will help them create a thriving future for themselves?

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