Discarding the Dysfunctional From Education

Here’s a nice article that has caused many different feelings in me when I read it.

Mindshift: 21 Things Obsolete by 2020
(Click on the link above to read the article)

The first was – if so many of us already believe and acknowledge these things are obsolete, why will we have to wait until 2020 (another 5 years) before we see them gone? Then I became even more troubled. Can we really hope that these things will be gone in five years when there are so many actions being taken now that will cause so many educators to cling to these things for a lot longer? Schools are still being built all over the world as great monolithic monuments to yesterday’s education dogmas. Millions of teachers are still being trained and required to pass qualifications (Yes, I’m thinking especially of the Indian B.Ed) that are based on the moribund and failed ideas of yesterday’s teaching methodologies.

The truth is that those of us who believe in the need for change must redouble our efforts to make sure that as many as possible of these things are on their way out of the door, at least by 2020.

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