New Year’s Resolutions Update

OK, so I’m fully aware that some might wish I wasn’t bringing this subject up again – especially those who’ve already ditched the good intentions and consigned the list of ‘things to do better this year’ to the rubbish bin.

Well, first of all, anyone who had a slip up – SO WHAT? Don’t we all know that failures are an inevitable part of the journey to success? So, that’s no excuse to quit with the good intentions. Yes, we might have felt the need to beat up on ourselves a bit. Why am I so pathetic? I decide to do something that’s good and positive for me, and I can’t even keep it up for more than a couple of weeks? How embarrassing!!

Well, as this great New York Times article points out, maybe our real issue is that we don’t have the right understanding about ‘habits’. What are they, how do we get one, and in this context most important – how do we deliberately establish a new one.

Hopefully, this will inspire some to dust off the resolutions and get back to them. Happy Habit building!


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