Growth Mindset: Research Update

Here, I’m sharing an interesting article that follows on from some I’ve written earlier about the work of Professor Carol Dweck and colleagues at Stanford University on Mindset. Dweck’s book of the same name was a great read that really fired my imagination, so it’s really exciting to find out from this piece how recent research is validating the ideas and proving that they have real potential to improve students’ learning.

Mindshift Article: New Research on Mindset

I agree with the comments in the article that the greatest benefits are likely to come from figuring out how to embed ‘growth mindset’ approaches in school culture, rather than the super-imposed ideas of using things like the Mindset Works training programmes for teachers or children’s programmes. I believe if these ideas are built in to school philosophy they have far greater potential. I think we’re still at a relatively early stage in figuring out how to do that.

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