Smart Goal Setting for New Years Resolutions

That time of the year, again. As the haze of New year celebrations drifts away we realise that we made some commitments to ourself, and maybe even in front of others that we were going to do something/ stop doing something/ do more or less of something in the coming year – in short we have a resolution – a goal.

For most of us, our past experiences of new year resolutions is like a grave yard of ambitions and wishes, dreams unfulfilled. Worse, those past failures and let-downs may make the whole thing feel so uncomfortable that we’re tempted to laugh it off quickly (hoping nobody remembers the resolve we showed just last night!)

Here’s a short article from TED with four simple ideas to give ourselves a better chance of getting something good, positive and motivational going on with our goals.

TED: The Science of Setting Goals

These ideas aren’t rocket science, but i think they provide some simple guidelines that can distinctly stack the odds in our favour. Setting good goals and achieving them builds a positive momentum that leads us to want to set more bold and audacious goals, with belief and conviction.

So, the best of wishes for 2015 for all the people who find their way to my blog. I’ve passed 800 articles on here now, so there’s one old resolution that really has worked for me! May you be inspired to set great goals, make 2015 your best year yet, by being the best ‘You’ that you’ve ever been.


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