Will We All Be Nomophobics?

Here’s some strong evidence of what is happening to us all as we get more and more hooked to our wireless devices:

Nomophobia Article – Fast Company

This article doesn’t really get in to the aspects that relate to the extent to which we lost efficiency with the ‘always on’ aspect of such devices. I’m now firmly of the belief that the ‘multi-tasking’ mythologists are on the retreat as they have to acknowledge that it may be perfectly possible to do two things that don’t matter very much (watch TV and post to twitter, facebook etc.), but as soon as a task has any importance it requires singular, uninterrupted focused attention.

So, for all these reasons, I’m planning to reduce the number of times in a day that I read emails (and respond to them), am thinking seriously about switching off my wi-fi for blocks of time and even blocks of time away from the workplace where all devices get switched off.

Already that’s making me feel anxious – that just exactly why I have to do it!! I’ve seen people lately advocating reading emails just once a day!! I think there are those who wouldn’t let me get away with that. However, some reduction is certainly in order.

And here’s some more evidence of the perils – the multi-tasking across devices is rewiring our brains (with consequences we don’t yet fully understand!):

Rewiring the Brain with Multitasking

2 Responses

  1. It’s surprising that you often post a topic which is on my mind at the time. Yes, it is advantageous to remain ‘disconnected’ for blocks of time. I have tried with success checking mails three times a day. Before beginning my work for the day, after lunch when I resume my second session of the day, and before hitting the sack. I am a little addicted to Facebook. I have yet to try something similar for it. The worst is I guess What’sApp group messages. I am now planning to use ‘Delete and leave group’ for most groups. The repetition on public platforms is sometimes obnoxious.

  2. It’s good for the mind to relax away from the gadgets we routinely can’t live without.

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