He For She

Emma Watson’s moving and powerful speech on gender equality to the United Nations.

Time for men to include our voice in the case for equality.

There’s much in this video (and the longer version which carries the full UN debate) that we in education have to think about long and hard. We have to be aware of how we individually and collectively perpetuate gender stereotypes that prevent equality and, as pointed out, this is a negative for both males and females in a modern society.

3 Responses

  1. It’s already happening – the balancing of masculine and feminine energies. A recalibration of humanity is at hand! 😉

  2. Mark, thanks a lot for sharing this. I think this should be viewed by all boys and girls in our schools and all mums and dads too!

  3. Who created Inequality in the first place? Men themselves.Women face inequality right from birth to death in many developing countries and no matter how capable they are the society in general subjugates this syndrome.

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