Violence in the Home

Two recent cases that have come to light in the American media shed a fascinating light on something about the society as a whole. One is a case of a sportsman assaulting his wife. Here, there’s little sympathy for the man and condemnation of those who may have attempted to brush his wrongdoing under the carpet.

The other also concerns a sportsman, but he’s been charged with causing injury to his son when assaulting him with a switch. Here, the condemnation is far more muted with media articles pointing out that corporal punishment for one’s own child is legal in almost every American state.

Is the underlying message that physical force is still acceptable in society where there is a relationship that is unequal – for the powerful to use force over the weak? Therefore, the only reason for stopping domestic violence against women is that they are no longer to be treated as weak, but equal.

Isn’t there now enormous evidence that children brought up to believe that physical force is used in the home to exert power equations and to get things done “your way” have a greater likelihood of growing up to people who use violent force on other family members as adults?

People campaign hard enough to prevent abuse and violence towards animals and pets in the home. Do they care more about protecting defenseless animals than defenseless children because somehow there’s a historical hangover that a parent has propietory rights over their child?

Domestic violence of any description is not a person’s private business. We must be ready to condemn it in all its forms.

2 Responses

  1. Violence , in any form is some force that breaks something very delicate . I myself faced it last Friday . And as a woman , I would say I stood against so . But , long way round , something did snap . What was that ? Violence is vulgar , requires tackled not because I suffered , sheer because every being has this right to dignity. And as a grown up Society , we owe answers.

  2. Mostly in so called Decent families Men are used to inflicting violence on their weaker halfs because their fathers used to do the same their mothers.So they took it as a part of their upbringing.And this only changes when the wife retorts back in the same coin.I firmly believe and Practise that a Woman should never allow her husband to hit her else the children will feels unprotected.What’s wrong in paying back in the same coin by applying brains!

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