Who Gets Picked and Why?

Here’s a great article published today by Seth Godin that goes to the root of an issue that has troubled me a great deal over the years. It hinges on the pivotal role of one of the key questions that he’s been asking for some time – What is School For?

Seth Godin Article About School Selection Approaches

I would love to hear views of parents and educators on this. For example – when you go for a cultural programme at a school, would you think less of the school because they have selected accordingly to ‘effort and trying’ rather than putting on stage to entertain you those who already have the highest levels of innate talent and ability?

Many schools tackle the issue by having policies (at least in the lower years) of putting every child on the stage. However, i know that this didn’t always sit comfortably with either parents or teachers. In such circumstances, especially in big schools, it can mean that each child’s role becomes so small and minor that questions arise as to how much learning it carries.

So, what do you think is the answer? I’d love to get people’s thoughts.

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