The Change Power of Online Education

Of all the books on education that I’ve read in the last 9-10 years, few were more powerful than Dr Clayton Christensen’s “Disrupting Class”. Having read some of his more business-centric writings i was familiar with his concepts of ‘disruption’. However, what this book did was to really shed light on the ways in which ICT in education is not just going to be an incremental change agent, but will bring change on a vast scale.

Of course, its quite understandable that most educators are still failing to acknowledge this. By implications, what he writes about sees ‘traditional players’ wiped out because they are in denial and oblivious to the changes about to steam-roll them out of existence.

Here’s a good New York Times article, where Christensen update some of his ideas with particular reference to the US college system;

New York Times – Online education as an Agent of Transformation

One final thought – I feel anyone who believes that these changes are only going to be for colleges and the tertiary sector should think again!!

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