750 and Going Strong

That last post was my 750th on this blog! When i started, I had no idea where this pursuit was going to take me.

I would like to thank all those who have made it worth my while by reading the blog, especially when you share your thoughts and ideas as well. Some readers have been with me a long time on this journey and some are much newer. I just want you to know that I am so grateful as I’ve got so much from this process including the opportunity to strive towards clarity in my own thinking on many education issues. For me, this blog is a fundamental part of my lifelong learning process.

Carol Dweck and Mindset

In recent weeks I’ve been asked a few times for direction to more materials about the work of Carol Dweck at Stanford University on Fixed and Growth Mindsets.

To help on this, I’ve pulled together here a few of the best videos I could find on the internet where she talks about her research and the conclusions from it (and especially the implications for us as parents or educators when it comes to helping children develop the growth mindset).

I also strongly recommend Carol’s book, Mindset that gives deeper insights in to the fascinating topic of motivation and learning.

In Memoriam

I loved this news story that I came across this week. To lose friends or relatives in a plane crash must be a horrendous experience for anyone. What fascinated me here was the way that people dealt with their grief, creating a unique and amazing monument to inspire the world:

Snopes.com Article

Here’s a short video that briefly explores what they did:

Le mémorial du Ténéré (film documentaire)