A School that Keeps Learning

I loved this series of videos, so thought it worth sharing all three in the set. They look at a school in the US. As is made clear this school operates in tough and challenging circumstances, with students from low economic backgrounds. However, i loved the positivity that permeates through the films.

I also loved the way teachers were using goal setting for themselves and the students and the application of the ‘growth mindset’. The school exhibits very mature, open and transparent processes about feedback and use of real data. The focus on being a ‘learning school’ reminded me a lot of Peter Senge’s work on the learning organisation and a culture that is always geared to what people can learn and change from what’s happening. There’s no evidence of defensiveness or holding on to the status quo.


A School that Keeps Learning – Part 1

A School that Keeps learning – Part 2

A School that Keeps Learning – Part 3

2 Responses

  1. Dear Mark
    For some strange reason Fortiguard site is blocked here, so people will not be able to access the site/view the videos.

    Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2013 11:14:57 +0000
    To: poonamheryani@hotmail.com

  2. I could finally access the videos from home, so you were probably right regarding the wi fi. Great video.
    I quite like the idea that the students are at the top of the org chart.The Principal and Management provides the foundation somewhat like the Balance Scorecard Model- which I am keenly interested in.

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