Learning Naturally

A fascinating article about the experiences of some pupils and parents in a school with a very natural, child-driven approach to learning.

Mindshift Article – harnessing Children’s Natural Ways of Learning

As I read the article, I was continually reminded of how ‘unnatural’ children must find so much of what actually goes on in most schools and how we came to create such (sometimes bizarre) relatively unproductive, even harmful practices.

The task at hand is to undo this harm, to move towards learning methods that work and that respect the innate humanity in the child.


One Response

  1. Articles on the ‘Jugaad’ education of India and ‘Learning Naturally’ has yet again [ like most of your other blog updates] has touched a chord that jostles me awake from my disturbed slumber following thoughts that it is a lonely battle to fight and deal with the duality of educational mindsets ….to allow children to play and learn through self direction….. Well, this article instills hope however lonely it is and may get…. to continue as an educator and do my bit…..

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