How Shanghai Schools Got to Number One

Here’s an interesting article from Thomas Friedman in today’s New York Times recounting his experiences from visiting a high performing Shanghai School;

New York Times Article

Oh, how this article will disappoint many. How some educators around the world will beat their chests about how PISA isn’t the only measure of greatness in schools or an education system. Oh, how many will hate the fact that the conclusions are that they don’t suffer from the complacency and the ‘plague of mediocrity’ that blights so many education systems. Instead, there’s no ‘magic sauce’. Instead they take some fundamental things that we all know make a difference and they work harder at them, more determinedly and with a mindset that says – you can’t get too good at these things and there’s always scope for improvement.

Wow, hard work and a never ending pursuit of excellence in fundamental areas might come back in to fashion!!

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