What Will College Look Like?

Here’s an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal looking at what we might expect the college of 2023 to look like. Obviously, it’s written very much from the perspective of US colleges;

Wall Street Journal – Colleges in the Future

Four big questions came to my mind as I read this piece;

a) Does this article really represent radical change, or a shifting of the deckchairs on the deck of the titanic?
b) For the changes outlined in the article, will it really take 10 years to reach this point? I personally believe the pace of change in these areas suggests that the technology now largely exists to push in to these changes far quicker. If it does take 10 years, it won’t be because of the slow technology development, but the resistance to change in the education profession,
c) What does all this mean for assessment? Maybe this is such a ‘hot potato’ that the article writer steered well clear of it?
d) In the developing world a vast number of new colleges and universities are going to need to come up in the next 5-10 years. Does this represent a golden opportunity to leapfrog, unencumbered by legacy systems and ways, or will we see the new colleges mimicking the western colleges and then needing to make changes later?

These are matters of great interest to school educators as well (or they should be!) as we need to be thinking carefully about the fact that we are preparing young children for a different further education experience than exists currently.

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