Student Agency for Success

I’m sharing here one of the best education articles I’ve read in a long time.

I have written on earlier occasions about the work of Dr Carol Dweck of Stanford University on Mindset – the difference between a fixed or a growth mindset (I still thoroughly recommend her book of the same name for all educators and parents who want to support children effectively to fulfil their potential).

In this article Eduardo Briceno brings together the aspects related to learner Mindset together with learning strategies and Habits (on which I’ve also written extensively here in the blog) under the umbrella of a Hierarchy of Learner Needs;

Mindsets and Student Agency for School and Life Success

I share the writer’s opinions strongly, especially regarding the need for;
a) The adults in schools to learn about Mindset and learning strategies and model them themselves,
b) The need to teach these things consciously (not to just hope that pupils will acquire these habits and skills),
c) That the adults must have a mindset that is about empowering pupils to have agency, not to turn them in to passive recipients of gobbets of knowledge that we deliver to them, have them memorise and regurgitate in exams.

In short, it’s time to really show we care about learning way more than we care about teaching!


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