Our People Are Our Most Important Asset …..

………….. so let’s handle them atrociously!!

I couldn’t resist sharing this ‘Fast Company’ article that I came across today;

Fast Company – 10 Ways to Lose Your Best Employees

If you’re anything like me, as you read through this list you’ll remember a time when you’ve seen evidence of every single one of the bad habits in practice. However, when i look at the school education scenario in India and UAE (way more similarities than some people care to acknowledge!) then numbers 2, 5, 8 and 9 appear as glaring examples.

On number 2 particularly I see vast numbers of schools where the writing and crafting of a Vision, Mission and Values was a 5 minute job required to complete a brochure and/ or website. If you were to ask most members of the school community to discuss them or explain them, they’d be mortified. In other words – everyone REALLY knows what we’re here for – don’t they? Why should we waste time over these things? They’re just part of the marketing, to convince parents that we are different from all the other schools. Staff and employees of course know – it’s a big sham.

Which ones stand out for you?


One Response

  1. oh god this is so hilarious and so true. all of them. everywhere i worked. it started off being tragic and is now funny.

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