Evernote Video Tutorials

I’ve been using the Evernote App for well over a year and a half after I saw it recommended in a magazine article. As time goes on I find more and more uses for it and ways that it can enable me to work and organise information more effectively, both at work and outside work.

At times I find that when I advocate it to other people they are initially a little skeptical and also once they download the App they seem daunted by the full variety of possibilities that it offers. Therefore, i was pleased to come across a series of online video tutorials that take a beginner through the basic functionalities in a simple manner. As a result of watching the videos I’ve now got a few new ideas for how i want to experiment with the App and also how to make my existing notes a bit more organised and easier to search/ filter etc.

As I’ve got more comfortable using it (I now have it syncing across two laptops and two phones!) I’m now getting further in to how it can be used in the education domain. One of my first uses for it was for keeping reflective notes. In my case, I jot short notes relating to staff, but a teacher could equally use it for reflection comments about students, with a separate Notebook for each child/ person. I believe there are many more uses, especially when we place the App in children’s hands for when they are carrying out collaborative or research based projects.

So, especially for people in our school team who are just starting to experiment with Evernote – here is the first of the tutorials:

Evernote Video Tutorial Series:

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  1. Have been using this but like you idea of separate notebooks for students . You should try Powerbot with Evernote as it syncs your gmail with it. Unfortunately you will have to go Premium

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