Optimism for the Future – What Experiments in Human Nature are Telling Us

Here’s a great list of reflections on recent research that suggests that as more research evidence accumulates about the human mind and how it works, the more reasons there are to be optimistic about the quality of life we can all enjoy in the future (and what’s in store for younger people as they grow up). What grows in our awareness has greater chance of being our reality.

On the list, number 5 is one that I’ve written about earlier – the power of the ‘growth mindset’ as set out by Dr Carol Dweck and colleagues at Stanford University in America. Overall, I see lists like this as fruits of the work of people like Marty Seligman and Tal Ben Shahar who are bringing about a realignment within psychology to focus on positive aspects of how humans can live the most fulfilling and happy lives, instead of the old paradigms of seeking to repair impaired or ‘broken’ people.

I believe this has the potential to be a massive force for good in the world in coming years and that we are only beginning to fathom the possibilities:

Barking Up the Wrong Tree – Blog Post – Faith in Humanity

(Thanks to Eric Barker)


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