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  1. Dear Mr Mark Parkinson

    I have been an avid follower of your blog / thoughts /views on education.

    We were moving to India from Singapore last year, and moved my 14 year old daughter from UWCSEA to TSRS, Moulsari, based on your views as a Director of TSRS.

    My daughter has studied in an international school environment for 7 years, before moving to TSRS. She is academically bright , sincere and hardworking.

    Currently, she is extremely unsettled and dissatisfied, unable to accept the immaturity and irresponsibility of her peers / teachers.

    We are considering moving her to British School, Chanakya puri.What are your views on the school / or whether its a right step for her or its just escapism?

    Regards Shalini Jindal 91-98105-003332

    PS: The application is to be submitted by this monday latest


    • Shalini,

      I’m really sorry to hear that things haven’t all gone smoothly with the transfer from UWCSEA to Shri Ram. A change of country and city can be challenging enough for a child, but the change of school as well can make things feel pretty overwhelming. I even remember for my son and i moving from within South Asia, the Delhi culture took some getting used to!

      Beyond this, I wouldn’t really like to comment, especially not being aware of what discussions you’ve been able to have with the school management about how your daughter gets to settle in and find her space.

      As for the British School, I’m afraid i also can’t comment too much. I have known past Heads there, but don’t know anyone in the current management team. It has always been a school which sets itself high standards and has a considerable track record behind it.

      I wish i could have given you something more concrete, but do wish you and your daughter all the best as you figure out the best way forward for her education, growth and development.

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