700th Post

In March 2009 I had little inkling of the full implications of the words “I’m going to try writing a blog”. To be honest, I had only a somewhat hazy idea of even what a blog was or the purpose it would serve.

I clearly remember that one element in my motivation at the time was to ‘walk my talk’ to fellow educators about the fact that we don’t need to be taught something to learn it – that the way of IT tends to be that young people roll their sleeves up and ‘give it a go’, experimenting, getting some things wrong and some right, but ultimately learning in a way that enables them to explore the limits and the potential of that learning.

It was a somewhat tentative toe in the water back at that time. I found the WordPress website quite intuitive and easy to work with, though played around with a few different templates before I found one that I liked. I spent a fair bit of time trying out different widgets on the page, though it turns out as time has gone on I’ve not tended to change those very much.

So, I was off and running and things started to build from there. I’m not quite sure how many words the 700 articles represent, but it probably wouldn’t be far short of the equivalent of a book. I just hope that all those years spent saying “I’m going to write a book one day,” haven’t been undone by time spent on the blog. The book ambition remains alive, but still unfulfilled!

As time went on I loved the effects and outcomes from my blogging. I’ve had fascinating exchanges of communication with some great educators from around the world; USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland and Nigeria spring to mind. I also discovered that teachers found it gave them a level of ability to have a direct dialogue with me on education matters that just wasn’t possible during the busy school day – especially when there were 4 campuses and nearly 400 teachers. The same went for parents – well over 4,000 sets of them.

So, as time has gone on, the blog has become a personal, but also professional, extension of myself. The objectives have not necessarily ever been about just increasing readership for the sake of it. of more importance to me was the level of engagement I could achieve with those who found value in what i wrote. Nevertheless, there has been growth – close to 66,000 views means that each article has had an average readership close to 100 (actually much higher because if some people just log on to the archive page they can view any number of articles on a single page). 1,108 comments posted by users might indicate that level of engagement wasn’t so high, but then I’m also aware that for many their perception of the status that went with my role as Institution Head made them a little uneasy about commenting. Also, those who engage actively within any social media is always a relatively small proportion.

So, all in all, writing this blog continues to be very satisfying. Here’s to the next 700 articles and the next 66,000 views.


4 Responses

  1. Congratulations Mark! This speaks volumes of your passion for Education, Learning, kids and an irrepressible urge to reach out to Hundreds to enrich their personal and professional lives. May you have the energy and the drive to write 7000 blog entries!

    Eagerly awaiting your future blogs!



  2. WOW SIR!! heartiest congratulations…….and I am sure the day you are able to write a Book on Education is not far!!

  3. In India it takes ages for governments to make a meaningful difference in the field of education, the investments are just so little that it would take ages for systems to work like the west with methods and norms.
    and if you have made a mark in the profession even in your little own way its creditable. we take centuries to realise whats good for us as a nation and the future we want……education is the best remedy if done in a proper way….otherwise the progress in all the fields whether economic or social or otherwise what to say of politicians would require some thoughtful alternate ways of organising things and time well spent in managing things in the field of education would definitely bear fruits.

    congratulations! do keep writing the blogs and give us a little global perspective as well now…best wishes datta

  4. Congratulations..! Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2013 11:21:06 +0000 To: niyatipawar@hotmail.com

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