ICT and Motivation

I came across this great visual that really neatly sums up how we should be thinking as educators when we bring ICT in to the learning environment. We must remember that it’s not the technology itself that inspires and motivates children – but rather what it potentially enables them to do:



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  1. BRILLIANT!…..

  2. Great visual! Very simply clarifies the purpose of bringing ICT into the class room. Cheers! Sheena Chand Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2013 15:31:39 +0000 To: sheena.chand@hotmail.com

  3. Dear Sir,
    I have been following your blog recently and that is how I came to know about the school Kunskapsskolan and also paid them a visit recently.
    We stay in South Delhi, and I have a son who is 2 years and 5 months old- he is february born and that would make him the youngest if he joined the academic session next year (anyways I felt it would have been way too early for him to join formal school). Yes, and after reading outliers, it didnt make sense at all!
    Atleast Kunskapsskolan permits a kid to be 2.5 year and above for the admission beginning nursery which would be ideal for my son then.
    I had 2 questions/hesitations, which I wanted to address to you-
    1) The use of technology being introduced to kids now is becoming very early. The school suggests all material would be on a tablet starting grade 1, which kind of worried me….isint it too early for them to get on these gadgets, whole and sole….and specially since the school encourages it, the child could then start setting way too complicated boundaries for the use of such or rather any gadgets at a very young age. Do you see an age where tablets/ipads/laptops should be the primary medium of education for a child. Do you see pros and cons in this method? Your above blog on ICT does make sense, but for a kid at a vulnerable age of 6, I was a bit hesitant….
    2) while in finland and sweden formal schooling does not begin until age 7, why then in Kunskapsskolan the child be introduced to reading and writing alphabets in nursery? is it because of the cbse board that they follow?
    With kunskapsskolan i was hoping they would replicated a north-western europe form of education which has been so successful — of not rushing into teaching and letting the child be ready on various parameters before pushing them on the academic roll.
    Your suggestions and answers would be very helpful to us on shaping our decission.
    Although I havent met Mr Mark yet, but I did ask the admission counsellor if you are still actively present on the board of this school, and it seems apparently not? Would have loved to interact with you in person….maybe someday! 🙂 Thanking you once again!!

    • Dear Nikita
      You are quite correct that I’m not part of Kunskapsskolan any more. I’m now part of a venture to open new schools in UAE, the first to open in Sharjah in September. In the circumstances, it wouldn’t really be right for me to seek to answer your questions on behalf of the school. These are questions that you could take up with Mr Mats Rosen at the school. He’s the head of School, an educator of great experience and someone who has worked closely with the Kunskapsskolan approach to education for many years.

      What i would say is that CBSE doesn’t set down any kind of syllabus or curriculum until the higher years. What schools do to prepare children for CBSE is really left very up to them, even to the extent of school ethos and style of approach. That said, it is true that normally the CBSE schools do things in ways so similar that people (mistakenly) talk of ‘the CBSE way’ – there really is no such thing!

      As regards IT exposure and age, the fact that syllabus content and guides to activities are loaded on an IT based portal (instead of being in a textbook) doesn’t mean that the children will spend copious amounts of time glued to the IT. I agree that would be harmful. We should see our children growing up with a healthy relationship to IT, where they see it for its productive potential and the way that it can be harnessed to further their own strengths, but not in thrall of it, obsessed or just using it for unhealthy and hedonistic activities.

      Finally, i’m with you and Mr Gladwell – no need to rush in to school!

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