The Best of TED

I’ve spent many thought-provoking and pleasurable hours over the last few years watching TED talks online. There are those who turn their noses up at the whole concept as a dumbing down of intellect and the exploration of meaningful issues. However, i believe that is a very elitist and separatist perspective.

If what they do is open ideas up in meaningful and understandable ways to involve and draw in more people, then i believe that’s a worthy and worthwhile aim. Some, such as Sir Ken Robinson’s first TED talk on how education stifles creativity has drawn millions of educators in to debates about innovation in the field of education and where it needs to go, in ways that weren’t happening otherwise. It is wrong for a handful of academic education experts to believe that only they have the right to be part of such debates and this demeans the practitioners who must ultimately take full ownership of the innovative practices.

For those who are yet to taste the delights of TED lectures (where the process is very simple – some of the world’s greatest thinkers are asked to present on a single perspective or thought related to their work, usually for no more than 18 minutes) I was pleased to see Mashable recently put together a shortlist of 15 of the best and most powerful TED lectures:

Mashable – 15 TED Talks That Will Change Your Life

The 15 inevitably includes the one by Sir Ken already mentioned.

Enjoy! When you finish with those, there are 100’s more!


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  1. firstly we are all missing you at school, my workshop area is called the globe theatre and i have put up some coloured pictures of shakespeare and performance of merchant of venice, i enjoyed Sir Ken’s talk and kept wondering who was shakespeare’s english teacher and the realisation crept in to be careful while teaching kids and let them grow with ideas, nurture them, let them discover and it is challenging not to have a structured class but let it just flow….the KED model also gives an opportunity for kids of different age groups to be together in workshop and learn….its really nice i had a good session on idioms with grade 6 the other day and it was the wow moment which i would have loved to share with you…..if you were in india…many thanks for the good foundation that you ingrained in us just as we began!

  2. Hi Shalini, good to hear from you and I’m pleased to hear all is going well.

    The KED model offers many of the opportunities needed to really bring the changes in learning in schools that brings the experience closer to what children require for the Twenty First Century. I’m glad you’re enjoying the sense of liberation that it brings.

  3. I agree..its a pleasure to watch TED talks…I have a doubt it might even be addictive! I actually have to wrestle with my husband to get him to turn it off after he has already spent hours watching it. The list reminded me that Sir Ken Robinson’s was the first TED talk that we ever saw…my brother brought it in a pen drive one evening to share with us around 4 years back. Our daughter was just born then. That was our introduction to TED. I saw the talk again just now and realized that our daughter might be a dancer! Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2013 13:14:44 +0000 To:

  4. Sir its grreeaat to alwyas hear fro you and for your sharing of some succhh useful information always. Maybe I dont reply or am not able to comment each time I read what is posted by you but heartfelt gratitude for ur exccellent effort and for me who is not able to always open the TED site but thru’ ur blog I am able to read what I intend to and enjoy and learn sooo much from !! Warmest regards,Surbhi

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