Leading, Not Pandering – Work You’re Proud Of

Here’s a great blog post from Seth Godin: Seth Godin Blog Post (Click on the hyperlink to read).

Whilst he focuses on the industries and professions that he knows best, I believe the sentiments he expresses apply very strongly to how we set up and run educational institutions and particularly schools. Too often, I’ve listened to educators excusing away mediocre and ‘average’ strategy, planning or work on the basis that – “it’s good enough, it’s what the parents want.”

Educators are really not so different to other professionals, or shouldn’t be! That means we must have the courage to do our research, know our stuff, be the ‘experts’ and apply all that knowledge in the pursuit of work that is meaningful, relevant to the Twenty First Century and that pushes the boundaries and raises standards for ever.

OK is not OK in the effort to give our children an effective education that prepares them for a very different tomorrow.


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