Women in Leadership

I accept, some men are going to curse me for sharing this, but here goes –

Fox Business Interview – Women Leaders

Jack Zenger of Zenger Folkman (behind the FUEL Coaching Model), talks about a recent survey about women in leadership in the USA. He discusses why there are still so few of them, but also where and why they’re being rated higher than their male counterparts.

To the men, I say simply that such data needs to be a wake up call that the ‘cave man’ school of leadership is history and people are looking for something more from us. These are not fixed characteristics and there are plenty of men around showing the way – but we still have a journey ahead. Also, as educators, we have to continue to ask ourselves hard questions about the gender stereotyping that goes on and inbuilt misogyny that;

a) keeps down the numbers of women who achieve leadership roles,
b) reinforce character traits in boys that are no longer as productive when they emerge in to the world of work.


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