Being Different

Kunskapsskolan has as one of its core values acknowledgement, acceptance and comfort with the fact that all people are different. Today i was blown away when a friend shared this TED talk with me. In it, Shane Koyczan, poet, shares his incredibly powerful take on what it really means to be ‘young and different’.

Seeing this reinforced in my mind the desire to have educational institutions that have climates within which children respect each others' differences, appreciate them for what they bring to a creative environment and where 'coolness' doesn't dictate conformity to narrowly defined paradigms dictated to all by fashion.


One Response

  1. It’s great that you have these ideals set out in the school’s core values. The idea is that they be ‘understood and imbibed’ by educators and get conveyed to children-this I say in a universal sense.
    This touched a chord as someone very close to me has had suffered intensely due to bullying-covert and overt. He finally had to change schools-sadly the scars remain and there are no ‘prescribed’ systems in place where the scars can be lightened or indeed removed. I ask you if there is some organisation, person or strategy that you may suggest that would help this child- who at the age of 12 ( very intelligent) is reticent and now a loner, preferring the company of select family members only.
    I wish each child a happy childhood, schools where they are surrounded by children who accept each other as they are. Actually it is as simple as that- at the same time quite complex!

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