Bridging the gap Between What Educators Say and Do

There are certain phrases or words that trip so readily off the tongues of educators today that their meanings have got lost. As a result, I believe too few educators are really questioning and holding up the harsh critical mirror to see if actions match the words. The ones I’m talking about are ones like; personalized learning, learner-centric, child-centric, holistic education, the child at the centre, nurturing etc.

If we have schools that deep down still basically operate pretty much as they used to 10 or more years ago, with an added layer of sensitivity and ‘caring’, then is that enough to constitute all that these words really imply? If, for example, we organise children in to ‘batches’, obliged to stop and start various activities through the day according to the regular sounding of a loud and raucous bell, with no thought of their interests or inclinations. If we interrupt deep thought and learning with tannoy announcements. If we have children returning after extended absence from school pick up where everyone else is, instead of where they left off – then do our actions really reflect those words?

Here’s a wonderful quote from the Head of ASCD in the US. I would love to hear others’ thoughts on what this should mean in terms of what happens in schools:



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