The Growth Mindset

One of the most inspiring books i read in 2012 was ‘Mindset’ by the Stanford University Professor, Carol Dweck. For me, it struck a chord with so much I have felt and learned, both during my own formal education and later.

It was one of the things that made me want, as an educator to banish the word “bright” from the vocabulary of every parent and especially every teacher, especially when it comes in a phrase like, “She’s very bright, but …..” How many young people are being blighted to live smaller than their potential because of such inadvertent negative approaches to the process and potential of learning? When we have the evidence, as educators we’re duty bound to respond and to share so that more come to know.

These are exactly the kinds of knowledge that come to be known, but cause educators to weaken their professional image in the eyes of the world because of their slothful response. These also happen to be the kind of issues that caused me to reflect so negatively on my own educational experiences and want to join the education profession – to make a difference.

So, folks, let’s share this. i think it’s a big issue. Please watch the following TedX video which features a member of the team who are promoting Carol Dweck’s ideas on ‘the growth mindset:


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