Mindfulness in the Killing Zone

I’m beginning to wonder whether there may be a time in the future when we will wonder why mindfulness training and awareness development wasn’t an essential and fundamental part of training and development for all professional people (in fact, all people), regardless of profession. When that day comes we may laugh at any idea that an article like this one from Washington Times was in any way strange;

Washington Times – Marines Use of meditation Training

My guess is that as more and more studies find clinical evidence for the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, they will become a standard part of how we all live our lives. So, we won’t find it at all strange that the military (as well as other professions) include it in their training regimes.

By the way, I’m all for mindfulness practices being a simple, short, regular aspect of school life for students and staff.

As interesting as the article is, I would recommend that readers skip reading the ‘reader comments’ at the end – not a very enlightening reflection on some of the military-background readers of that newspaper! The words ‘our lives in their hands’ and ‘gulp’ went through my mind!

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