Changing Education

Here’s an interesting article published a few months ago by the Mindshift Blog Site, profiling a boom by Dr Madeline Levine, called “Teach Your Children Well”. It makes an all too familiar case for why school education must change; obsolescence, lack of relevance, stifling of creativity, disconnect with needs of children, mismatch of skills for today’s jobs and loss of ‘caring and connection’ in schools. While Dr Levine may be setting out the case effectively for what’s wrong, I am a little mystified as to her level of tolerance for the status quo and the painfully slow pace of change. It’s particularly worrying that she suggests that the real change will only happen when it is dictated/ mandated from on high by those who sit in the ivory towers. I believe if those of us in education wait for that, we will fail a generation of children:

Mindshift Article – Why Kids Need Schools to Change


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  1. Creativity is the key word here that an ‘education’ should provide. Allowing for space, creating opportunity and providing an environment that fosters creativity, independent thinking skills at the same time learning to collaborate and work in a group.
    Whilst I agree that one cannot wait for the change to come from ‘above’, given the situation in India as of now, we come back to the same scenario of teaching and studying to an exam. Marks and percentage scored, remain a concern if one has to get admission into a college worth its name here. Of course, those who have the wherewithal to provide a place in a college of their own choice can chose an alternate system of education that provides the ideal atmosphere to prepare children adequately for the future.
    The best thing that could happen is, a system that allows for both things to happen simultaneously, a robust syllabus (as dictated by the relevant Boards) taught well in an environment that is keeping pace with the changing face of education, needs of today’s dynamic world and most importantly of EACH individual child ( and making it relevant). Is it possible? There are some institutions that are coming up with such intention and should be welcomed with open arms and an open mind!

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