More on Coaching for Teacher Professional Development

Most modern educators are agreed on the vital part to be played in students’ learning by formative assessment. Some see it replacing most, if not all, summative assessment whilst others see it in addition. Where both go on, there is now significant evidence that little is gained in learner growth and development either from summative assessment alone or where the two are mixed. When the debate has progressed to this point concerning students it can be a little hard to figure why thinking regarding teachers’ professional development has failed to develop in parallel.

As long ago as 1993-94 I attended a superb one-week training programme at Ashridge Management College, UK entitled ‘The Manager as Coach’. As a result, I and a few colleagues experimented with structured coaching programmes in our bank. We always made sure that this was kept very separate from the performance management system (summative assessment of performance)

I was interested to read this article from ASCD’s online Leadership Magazine, advocating similar approaches to teacher coaching: ASCD Leadership Article

At Kunskapsskolan, as we move towards the school opening in April, we have been heavily engaged in meeting prospective teachers for interviews and interactions. We have met around 100 teachers and in the next couple of days will be issuing offer letters to the first 12 teachers who will come on-board at the end of February. Amongst our criteria for selection, included ‘coachability’, i.e that the person is positive, open and receptive to being coached. Therefore, I was also pleased to come across this web posting on the subject of coachability: Edweek Article on Coachability for Teachers

In my opinion, coaching is the best method for supporting teachers (or any kinds of employees) who are operating in the higher regions of e are thoroughly and determinedly committed that coaching will be a fundamental element in the leadership style of the school.


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  1. Nothing to beat continuous professional development and ‘coachability’ with the coaching available as part of a structured programme,; naturally to suit a particular area where the need is felt/desired. Very refreshing to see this in effect here and am sure it should yield good results as will be evident from the resulting student performance.

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