Flash Fiction

Here’s a really fun idea I came across. I’ve subsequently heard that one of the radio stations regularly holds competitions based on this idea. It has extra mystique because of the background involving Ernest Hemingway.

The simple idea is to see to what extent you can encapsulate an entire novel in 6 words;

ASCD Edge Article: Flash Fiction

I found myself thinking of so many ways this could be used as a fun, stimulating exercise with children. I loved Hemingway’s story and know I couldn’t possibly match it, but nevertheless, couldn’t resist having a go myself. I’m hoping that you, dear reader, will also get hooked and give it your best shot – please share your attempts below. For what they’re worth here are mine;

Intertwined fingers. Guilty secret. One betrayed.

Grave side, words unspoken. Too late.

Crowded lift – deadly sound – eyes averted.

Bespectacled boy wizard. Dead father’s secrets.

I’m sure many can do better than those …………. Over to you …………..


4 Responses

  1. Nice Plot . Fine Air , Writer , Think .

    Now , Mr Mark , those six words are to have potential or they would serve as Links ?

  2. Truly enlightening sir……

  3. Brilliant! Can’t wait to use it in class with little ones too-I am sure it will create quite an interest and a kenness to build vocabulary.The motivation will come from within in wanting to outdo the others in choice of words/language.

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