What is School For?

Seth Godin’s book Linchpin is one of my all-time favourites – so much so that I often give away copies to friends when not recommending it here on my blog.

Some months ago I shared that he had prepared what he called his ‘Manifesto for Education’, called: Stop Stealing Dreams!

Now there are more resources as he has spoken on the manifesto at a TEDx event:

Here's the link to download the e-book: Stop Stealing Dreams

I urge as many people as possible to watch the video and read the e-book. You might not agree with everything said, but at least everyone who cares about the education available to young people should make sure their voice is heard and that they become part of the wider debate. Also, it's vital that we make ourselves well-informed about the origins of certain educational practices, so that we can challenge why things are done in particular ways - and think about how we might want to do them differently.


One Response

  1. Hi !

    First thing I saw was an E-Book . On a light whim , I first thought , he gets us into E-Courses , makes us share our minds & opinions on his forum and now an E-Book . Should have seen the expression on my face . But , Yes , it would be read , Sir.

    Thank you & never mind what I first thought , the winding up one says , glad to have some fodder for intellect .

    Gosh ! am I self complimenting ? I said ” intellect. ” , and I think , I heard it correct . Did I ? I am alarmed and as of now leaving to amuse my whims which are simple – like , a Pea nut Butter Sandwich I had few moments back with a Cuppa .

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