How The World Understands Kunskapsskolan

Kunskapsskolan started opening schools in Sweden in 1990. However, it seems that whatever was happening there took some time to make an appearance on international media radar.

However, in June 2008, the Economist ran an insightful article looking at what the company was doing. The perspective is mostly on the business aspects, though it touches a bit on the unique attributes of the educational ethos and approach:
Economist Article – The Swedish Model

Somewhat later, in March 2010, the British newspaper, The Telegraph ran a story setting out to understand something of the approach to education. This was a response to the fact that the first of the three current Academies in England was shortly to open. The article seeks to understand what makes the model different and why the british government was embracing it as a positive new direction:
The Telegraph – A Swedish Blueprint for our Schools?

The Indian media, as far as I can see, didn’t show any interest until the Delhi press conference in late June 2012. This article by Business Standard again mixes interest in the business aspects of the plans for India with the elements that make the approach to education unique:
Business Standard – Kunskapsskolan launch in Gurgaon set to rewrite educational standards

It does often seem ironic to me that society claims throughout the world that education is such a vitally important aspect of developing an effective society, yet there is really so very little interest in truly innovative developments that might have the potential to bring significant benefits to the next generation. When i think of what did fill the column inches of my morning paper today I figure I’ll remain mystified for longer yet!


2 Responses

  1. May be matter of time , then . I had an interesting chat yesterday with a
    Foreign Faculty in an Indian Private University . Question : How come they , I mean parents finding Liberal Arts , Sciences a misfit for their wards ?

    i , bit , kept quiet . May be Silence was fine . Its’ true Media takes less responsibility talking positive new and constructive information distribution . So , why blame the simpletons like me , finding a reasonable answer to the query.

    But , there is always a small window somewhere then .

    Good night.

  2. The concept of schooling definitely sounds intriguing and interesting. Really worth experimenting in today’s scenario of school education which demands new challenges for keeping pace with future jobs and engagements.

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