True meaning of Forgiveness

This isn’t necessarily the usual kind of article that I share, but when I saw it I was moved to pass it on:

Huffington Post Article

I can’t help thinking that no father should ever find himself having to deal with such a tragedy, and that every time they do it represents a far bigger failure than that of one young man. When it comes to issues of guiding the young, there often seems to be far too much shutting of gates after horses have bolted. Shouldn’t society be far better by now at guiding its young people about issues, temptations and situations they may need to deal with? Or, do we just accept that however hard we work to provide guidance for young people, risk behaviours will just be an inevitable part of their transition to adulthood?

Could any of us put our hand on our heart and say we could be as forgiving as this man?


3 Responses

  1. I was just pondering over the mistakes or blunders that I committed in my life and wondered if I have passed on the knowledge to my children so that they may not go through what I have had to. My thoughts went back to my father and then I remembered that he had during our many conversations cautioned us (me and my siblings) of many dos and don’ts. Did I remember them when i committed the mistakes? Apparently, not. Call it coincidence or providence I am reading this article and agree with you that the youth will have to learn their lessons from their own experience.


  2. Its’ Saint’s Perception – this called ” Forgiveness. ” Either its’ there in whole present or to be discovered by Traveler of Path called ” Life.”

    No, not as yet . It is a hope to come to atleast a person like me. Am not trying either for you see , time and maturity helps it to reveal itself. Now , I am trying speaking Budha or what ?

    Good day !

  3. The point worth not missing:

    “Forgiveness needs far more courage than taking a revenge”

    “The weak can never forgive.”


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