Being an Effective Online Learner

If the proliferation of online websites offering high quality learning courses for free has had the same effect on you as it has on me – then you might well have already signed up for a course. I’ve signed up for a course on – Basic Behavioural Neurology (more about that another time!!) and now I’m awaiting a start date.

It feels exciting to be recommitting to formal learning (even with a certificate at the end!), but it was timely to come across this article that sets out six very sensible and useful pieces of advice on how to make the best of a self-learning online course:

Pickthebrain Article: 6 Steps to Effective Self-Learning

I would be really interested to hear of anyone else who either has already taken the plunge or is planning to do so.


6 Responses

  1. it requires to go back to one of the Blog that had Information about Courses ? Would check it out.

  2. Thanks to you Mr. Mark, , we are all on our toes , balancing the pace with which you carry on .

    Spent a worthwhile , worth an hour to go tracking an Online Course, signed up for Study of American Poetry with Penn.

    Breaking news of the day this one above. Now , I can go back happily to my happy go ways. Thanks for being around , always there to knock us out of our settled state of mind affairs .

    Good Day !

  3. I am a big fan of online learning courses. I have to do it regularly to keep my medical license active. I enjoy it as the information is cutting edge and can be filtered according to my needs and interests. With time online learning has gotten significantly better but sometimes finding a high quality course becomes difficult, so thank you so much for recommending the site.

    • Completely in agreement . Still I am unsure even Delhi University too had a tie up with Online Courses with top notch institutes like MIT but all I received back from them was hapless pleads to support them.

      But , this one is unique and useful.

  4. This inspired… Amazing to also see the evolution in self learning. I just visited the coursera site and would love to know about more such sites. Thanks!

    • On line Learning – I think this adds quality & competence to our Tech Craving mind , keeps us honing skills & at the same time acquiring new .

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