Bring on the Superhumans

The Paralympics start today in London. Let nobody make the mistake of believing these are something lesser than the Olympics from a sports perspective. 2.3 million tickets sold so far and still going like hot cakes.

See the Team GB promotional video and then wonder – what is the power of sport to transform lives:

I also recommend, if anyone gets the chance to see the film ‘Murderball’, it is superb and incredibly powerful and moving. One of my all time favourites.

Will the Paralympions inspire me to shift my lazy old body a bit faster and harder in the gym. You bet. When these guys can do what they do, what right do any of us have to take up medical resources with ‘lifestyle illnesses’?


2 Responses

  1. Mr. Mark ,

    I could never have asked you this question but you sound a sensitive human being. I have been trying reaching you writing on Postal Mail Address but so far nothing.

    I am a specially abled person & suppose you would reply if you respect this section of Society.


    In any case , it won’t prevent me benefitting from your Scholar nature , even if you skip that . But then , the question is , would you ?

  2. I know for sure that Mr. Parkisnson will always share his ‘scholar nature’ and sensitivity in this space and lead many to be life long learners….

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